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In 1979, Abel Friedman founded Chicago Sweeteners with the vision to provide Illinois food manufacturers with a single source for basic food ingredients: sugar, flour, salt, starch, milk, oats, honey and corn syrup. Over time, as food and dietary supplement manufacturers sought to develop healthier products without compromising taste, mouth feel, quality, or functionality, Chicago Sweeteners expanded its product offering to include gums, phosphates, acidulants, maltodextrins, preservatives, excipients, soluble fiber, emulsifiers, dough conditioners, proteins and polyols.

With success in the greater Chicago market, the Company brought its broad line model to food manufacturing centers around the country. Some of the growth was built from the ground up. Some came by way of acquisition: Sugar Incentives (1995), Ingredients International (2006), Quality Ingredients (2008), LSI (2009), Industrial Ingredients (2009), Massey Fair (2011) and Mac Source (2011). We consolidated the various names under which operate into the single name, Batory Foods, and established Batory Nutra to provide an enhanced focus on the needs of the dietary supplement market.

Batory is the name of the ship on which Abel and his family fled Poland in 1938, at the start of World War II. This voyage represented a new start for the Friedman family, and many other immigrants seeking freedom and opportunity in the United States. The move to the name Batory Foods represents an exciting evolution as we develop our national distribution platform. Today we service over 6000 customers across the United States, with more than 2000 fresh, brand name ingredients.

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