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Miscellaneous Ingredients

There are usually a few ingredients that fall outside a supplier’s ingredient classifications, yet are still critical to nutraceutical manufacturers. At Batory Nutra, we make an effort to understand the needs of our customers and try to stock those specialty items that might be purchased in smaller quantities or not be purchased very often. The list of items could include actives, flavoring agents, and processing aids among others. Due to the very nature of miscellaneous ingredients and small ordering quantities, it can be easier to find and obtain them when bundled together with other ingredients purchased from a single, reliable source such as Batory Nutra.

Take cocoa for example, a crossover ingredient from the food side that makes its way into powdered supplement drinks and nutrition bars. Not all cocoa is the same. Batory carries at least 20 different grades of all natural cocoa, ranging in color from very light to a deep, rich brown, depending on manufacturer specifications. We know lead times can be a challenge, so at Batory Nutra, we work with customers to forecast anticipated needs. This can help ensure a reliable, available supply.

Although Batory Nutra sources all of its cocoa powder from a single source, some of these miscellaneous ingredients are sourced from foreign markets. Weather conditions in Brazil for example, can affect coffee prices and availability. Batory Nutra concentrates on building relationships not only with customers but also equally with our suppliers. These relationships translate into smoother business transactions throughout the whole supply chain. This helps ensure that when specialty ingredients are in demand Batory Nutra has available stock. Together Batory Nutra will work with you to create the best plan of action to supply the type, quantity and high-quality ingredients you need.

  • Betaine Hydrochloride
  • Brewers Yeast
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Coffee Powder
  • Ethyl Vanillin
  • Vanillin